Jake Gyllenhaal's Eyes in Nightcrawler

October 30, 2014 10:40 PM

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Leo Bloom in Nightcrawler is as creepy as the movie's title suggests. A bug-eyed loner who preys on the misfortunes of others, Bloom's very language appropriates television-speak with information garnered on the Internet to make him reptilian. Negotiating his way through interactions, he acquires a camera and means to follow disasters, and finds a career as a videographer filming beyond the scope of decency: a man with gaping wounds after a car crash, a family shot in their mansion, their plush white carpets soaked in blood. Racing around in a beautifully shot L.A. in a red car, he doesn't just follow crime scenes, he creates them.

Bloom sells his footage to Nina, a splendid Rene Russo, at a television station. A dinner at which he tries to negotiate intimacy with her is a manipulation based on her needing what he's got for her career. Over tacos, Leo notes her makeup: intensely kohl lined lids heavy with shadow. He doesn't mi...

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