Jaime Scholnick and Sandra Low: Of Cheese-Wiz and Polystyrene

September 25, 2014 6:27 PM

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Jaime Scholnick and Sandra Low: Of Cheese-Wiz and Polystyrene

Love, hate, pleasure, fascination. A healthy skepticism elicited by confrontations with fashion, consumption, obsession, and aspirational lifestyle propaganda. A crush on the visual appeal of awkward architectural space, self-conscious design, counterintuitive color combinations, and uncomfortable objects. The inescapable desire to own and eat stuff we know we do not need. A gallows humor in depicting attractive carcinogens. These are the shared conceptual territories explored in the stylistically disparate practices of painter Sandra Low and painter/sculptor Jaime Scholnick -- showing together for the first time at the Rio Hondo College Art Gallery in Cultural Gumbo.

Sandra Low's Classy Living and Melty Cheese paintings each exemplify her suspicion of the shiny dreams Americans are sold on at every turn. Taking the form of modernist architecture besmirched by mass produced comfort foods (the former) or else various items and interiors draped in melted processed ...

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