Is ‘iZombie’ Too Close to ‘Veronica Mars’? « « Man Cave Daily

March 17, 2015 4:08 AM

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iZombie is an intelligent, engaging, and exciting show with some genuine shocks, and characters who effectively keep us guessing as to their true motivations, only to make the audience want more when their intentions are revealed. The dialogue is terrific, the acting is top tier, the scripts are smart, and it was a pleasure to binge-watch the first few episodes. It’s fun and funny and you should watch it.

Rose McIver plays Olivia Moore, a promising young med student who can’t catch a break. The one time she relaxes, a zombie outbreak turns the entire party into a bloodbath. From there, “Liv” Moore (is it still an apteronym if it’s ironic?) stumbles through her daily existence, insensate and direction...

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