An Introduction

March 23, 2015 7:01 PM

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"Music is like God. It's intangible," proclaims Seymour Bernstein. I couldn't agree more. Anyone that has ever had the hair on their arms raised by the sound of a certain song, or cried when the musical time machine brought them back to a powerful moment, can attest to that. Music is the oldest art form, the deepest, the most spiritual, and the one that reaches further than any other into our sense of humanity, connection, and longing for meaning. We connect to sound like a life force; it's why we press repeat on 'play' a hundred times. It is the power of these questions and more, which Ethan Hawke tackles with Mr. Bernstein in his first documentary, Seymour: An Introduction.

Like all philosophical quests, the film initially begs a poetic patience, which is essentially life's struggle for answers in and of itself. But Seymour is kind, reflective and open, which makes one feel comfortable from the get go. It is a heartwarming, gently built, dialogue with the long time leg...

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