Into The Dalek

August 31, 2014 4:36 PM

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Into The Dalek

Daleks are Doctor's greatest nemeses. Yet this episode treated us to a narrative that is not entirely new, or original. We've seen morally compromised Dalek's before, a trait that the Doctor never put much stock in. This episode's main purpose was to cement a narrative in which Doctor finally sees a glimmer of hope in the Dalek vs Timelord war that doesn't end in the total annihilation. The 50th anniversary set up a long term goal for the Doctor. His journey going forward was meant to focus on restoring Gallifrey, however in the first two episodes of series 8, his behavior is hardly in line with that.

When the Doctor faced off with the Clockwork Robot in the season premiere, he very clearly stated that there was no such thing as "promised land." In this episode he has a similarly bitter moment after discovering that the only reason that this Dalek was acting good was because of radiation poisonin...

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