‘The Interview’ Review: Can Randall Park Transcend Formula?

December 26, 2014 6:47 PM

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‘The Interview’ Review: Can Randall Park Transcend Formula?

In order to enjoy any mainstream comedy these days, it almost feels as if you have to sign a waiver agreeing to accept a series of stale conventions as part of the price of admission. Like with Modern Family, you’re expected to sign off on the fact that it’s yet another documentary-style show, where the action is intercut with characters talking to an invisible crew, and confine your criticism only to the jokes and characters within that structure. With late night talk shows, you can critique the host’s monolog jokes, guest questions, charisma, even his haircut, but you can’t question why there’s still a white guy in a suit doing a monolog in front of a house band and a guest four nights a week. The Carson formula is sacrosanct! That is never allowed to change!

It’s gotten to be the same way with the Seth Rogen movie. People ask me if one is any good, and I feel like I’m expected to weigh in on the coloring, but never the lines. If I point out that I’m a little bored with comedies that have a heavy bromance element, a stylized drug scene, at least one wink...

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