Interview With Futurist Jason Silva, Host of Brain Games

April 20, 2015 6:58 PM

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I discovered Jason Silva through my teenage daughters. They don't watch too much television, so when I would hear them getting excited each week to watch the new episode of a show called Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel, I became intrigued. As I watched the show, I started to understand, as the Emmy-nominated Brain Games series, with its charismatic host Jason Silva, is engaging, entertaining, fun, thought provoking and subversively educational. I soon discovered Jason's original video series Shots of Awe, and realized the Brain Games host has many attributes -- he is also a contemporary, modern-day philosopher, filmmaker and futurist, or as he described himself in our interview, a "media artist" "wonder junkie" who "relishes cognitive ecstasy" described by one of his friends as an "ontological DJ" "remixing reality," and "making you look at the world in a new way." As he told me, "I'm addicted to wonder."

As I experienced when I interviewed him last week for AOL BUILD, the 33 year-old Jason Silva pulsates with passion and energy, dramatically punctuating his words with his hands and body like a master conductor, especially over a topic that gets him excited, for example when during our interview he a...

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