INTERVIEW: Co-Creator Mike Shoemaker on Hulu's The Awesomes

October 14, 2014 5:34 PM

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Well, Seth and I met at SNL in 2001, right around 9/11 actually and one of the first things we kind of bonded on was that we both like comics. And so we became closer friends, and then in 2007 we had this idea like, "Oh, why don't we do a comic book show, basically, about superheroes." And then right away, like once we had the name, like all the characters just flew into place immediately, and they were all mostly based on people we knew. Like, it was more casting than anything else, 'cause the way that you do things at SNL is you think of who you have, and you figure out who they're gonna, who's gonna be in the sketch.

You cast the people that you have, that are there in the building. So that's kind of what we did. And once we knew, like, Kenan would be this superhero, and Paula Pell would be this superhero, and Emily Spivey, it just fell into place, and then that was the show. Then it took another seven years to ...

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