Interstellar Writer Jonathan Nolan Gives Us the Scoop on Deep Spoilers!

November 8, 2014 4:43 PM

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Director Christopher Nolan's highly-anticipated space epic Interstellar is now in theaters and has audiences and critics alike talking. We were able to sit down with Jonathan Nolan - who co-wrote the script with his brother Christopher - shortly after seeing the film to talk about how and why the team made certain story decisions. In truth, we likely could have spent an hour with Nolan discussing the film, as each new answer seemed to bring with it an additional set of queries. We had a very amiable chat with the writer, each of us laughing at the loops and turns of both our questions and his answers. The idea was to satiate curiosity as a viewer and provide a space for the filmmaker to convey his intentions. As mentioned, there is still plenty left to discuss, but we were able to touch on some major points in the interview below.

IGN Movies: Diving right in, there are actually some interesting things I want to talk about in terms of the film's take on technology, but I'm going to table that for now to dig into some spoilers and that last act in particular. Let's start with the black hole. Now, you guys had worked closely wit...

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