Interstellar Wormholes May Not Exist in Real Life, Scientists Believe

November 25, 2014 5:20 PM

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The movie of the year is, undoubtedly Interstellar, written and directed by the same guy who brought us The Dark Knight franchise. Every science enthusiast has gone to see Interstellar and marveled at its fascinating space and time theories. One of those theories has stirred quite a controversy in the science world, and experts argue whether or not Interstellar wormholes can exist in real life.

In Interstellar, a team of astronauts want to see if they can find other habitable planets in other galaxies. They journey through space using a wormhole. This wormhole is scientifically known as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. In 1935 Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist and his assistant, Nathan Ros...

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