Interstellar - Time Blown

December 1, 2014 8:47 PM

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More like time blown -- three hours and about 2 percent of my hearing (the theater must've assumed that by turning the volume up to "11," it'd seem better...) that I'll never get back, lost forever to the high budget engine that couldn't (though boy oh boy did it try), which additionally set women back a solid century thanks to the selfish and impulsive, cry baby of an inter-galactic boy-chasing scientesse (1) as played by Anne Hathaway. Interstellar is the much-hyped recently released Christopher Nolan sci-fi extravaganza, written by Nolan and brother, with a slew of IMDB top-ranking elites contracted to give us their teary, all in hopes of finding rank with cinematic space and time travel predecessors that will remain, for all its efforts, comfortably stationed on far higher plains/dimensions.

Interstellar's previews shine. My suggestion is to stay with the thrill they provide, for the trailers are expertly dissected slices of a pedantic film project that tries to be everything to everyone, which in the full frontal spirit of TMI leaves nothing to mystery, imagination or intellect. There ...

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