Interstellar: The Gravity of Love

November 4, 2014 8:01 PM

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In Interstellar, an ambitious, thrilling, emotional though bumpy sci-fi trip through space and time, Christopher Nolan focuses his lens on two powerful forces: gravity and love. The film begins with an extended set up in the not so distant future to show us that our planet is dying, but love has survived. Planet Earth has been ravaged of its resources, the only crop left to farm is corn (thanks, Monsanto), and even that is dying of blight. Winds sweep the barren earth plaguing the last humans with howling dust storms. There is not much reason for hope, but one father refuses to lower his expectations for the future of his two children. Matthew McConaughey is given a gem with this unusually complex role and he plays it perfectly. Though not left bereft of his traditional good ol' boy charms, this single father astronaut turned corn farmer character named Cooper calls for a snap judgment astrophysics kind of intelligence and a focused emotional intensity that raises the bar for McConaughey who meets every challenge with impressive grace and believability.

The time we spend on depleted earth could be edited down (the extended drone sequence is fun but adds nothing to the story and too many incongruities arise in this scorched earth act, like Cooper sipping beer from a bottle on the porch -- is that corn beer? Hasn't the beer supply run dry by now? Why...

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