The Internal Bowl

February 2, 2015 1:40 PM

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The Internal Bowl

Today, Americans will eat more pizza than on any other day of the year. Data from a popular fitness app says that more beer will be consumed than on any day besides July 4. A food-industry council estimates that people who watch the game will take in 2,400 calories during the five-hour ordeal. The U.S. Department of Agriculture warns Americans that Super Bowl Sunday is the number-two day for calorie consumption per capita, behind only Thanksgiving. And because researchers from Cornell recently found that the food that people buy in the days leading up to the Super Bowl is less healthy than what they buy in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, cases have been made that Super Bowl Sunday is the least healthy day of the year.

Football is about violating societal order on a spectacular scale. But of the 112 million people partaking in today's festivities, very few will knock other people over in exchange for money and fame. So Americans choose instead to assault their own gastrointestinal systems, while taking in a Pepsi-...

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