The Insiders: The refugee crisis and the Iran deal will be linked

September 11, 2015 6:16 PM

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The Insiders: The refugee crisis and the Iran deal will be linked

Two issues that live separately in today’s headlines — the refugee crisis in Europe and President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran — should be linked in today’s political debate. The refugee crisis that is overwhelming Europe’s eastern borders is not showing any signs of subsiding. Perhaps as the weather becomes more inclement later this fall, there will be a pause in the stream of refugees, but the underlying problems that have caused this crisis are only destined to get worse. And a big factor that will contribute to the worsening of the refugee situation is the impending implementation of the president’s nuclear agreement with Iran. Republicans should be reminding everyone that the two issues are tied together.

Iran, a principal agent of instability in the region, will be newly flush with cash after the Iran deal, all thanks to Obama and his allies in Congress. What will Iran’s leaders do with their influx of money? Among other things, they are certain to increase the potency of Shiite Hezbollah fighters f...

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