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June 6, 2014 8:36 AM

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An atmosphere of fear is being created in the minds of the Muslims against Narendra Modi. He is being projected as Satan. Muslims are being led to believe that under Modi’s government, their life and property is at risk, as Modi will turn India into a Hindu Pakistan. Muslim hardliners as well as liberals have all decided beforehand that they will get a raw deal under Modi. Only a handful of Muslims are said to have voted for the BJP in the recent election for this reason. Let us leave the hardliners alone, for they will not be satisfied even if they are given the moon. It is in their DNA to oppose and rail against those that they perceive to be threats to their cause. But the fault of liberal Muslim leaders lies in believing in tokenism. The Shahi Imam endorsed the Congress in these elections despite internal protests. For ages, this or that party has swayed them with promises that categorize them as Muslims, as a minority. This identifies them as a bloc, as something separate from the Indian fabric. Is it not time to move away from such constrictive thinking? How long will the Muslims be satisfied with just appeasement and let the growth story pass them by? Narendra Modi has asked for 60 months from all Indians, including Muslims and other minorities. He has got those 60 months. The success of these months will also depend on the contribution of Muslims. For, no nation can progress if a significant part of its population is negatively disposed toward the ruling dispensation. Especially, when there is no need or justification for such negativism. Has Modi ever said that the growth he promises will only be for Hindus? Have not Muslims in Gujarat benefited from its growth story? All Indians are included in his scheme of things and opinion makers in the Muslim community would do well not to disbelieve this.

Another big story being played out by a section of the media is the one being built around the so called Muslim ghetto of Juhapura in Ahmedabad. It goes on to project Muslims living in the area as orphans of society on account of the deplorable conditions existing there. But is it not a fact that th...

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