An incurable Cancer victim 84 years old believes that he was saved by his stray puppy, its Miracle cure!

December 26, 2014 6:04 PM

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A retired architect with incurable cancer in his gall bladder, liver, colon and lining of the abdomen believes that he was saved by a stray dog he adopted. Bill and Kathy Hogencamp from Phoenix, Alabama believes that it was a Christmas miracle that Bill is still alive after the Christmas. Bill was given no chance of survival during the Christmas time by his doctors because of his conditions. The 84 years old retired architect was counting his days and thought he would not live to see the Christmas. He said “I have seven children and I’ve traveled all around the world, I thought if this is it, then this is it”.

Though doctors told him there was no for cure him, he decided to undergo treatment. As a part of the treatment he had an operation in October to remove three large tumors. During that time his wife went to the hospital to visit him. On her way to the hospital she spotted a small puppy wondering arou...

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