The increase in temperature will reduce global wheat production

December 29, 2014 8:45 PM

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World production of wheat during the last agricultural year was 724.9 million tons, according to data released last December 11 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The figure represents a slight increase over the previous year, which reassures that given the dependence of global cereal supply of such international community. However, future prospects do not seem so promising, judging by the latest study published in the journal Nature Climate Change by an international team of researchers, including two researchers from the University of Córdoba and the Institute of Agriculture are Sustainable Higher Council for Scientific Research, both members of the Campus of International Excellence Agroalimentario ceiA3 in Spain.

Specifically, the study warns that the rise in temperature on the planet affect the global wheat production at a rate of 6% per degree above. That conclusion is obtained from analyzes conducted 30 simulation models of the wheat crop in temperatures ranging from 15 to 32 degrees and applying predicti...

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