Important Reasons You Need a Vacation Now

April 3, 2015 6:26 PM

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The other day I spoke to a friend who told me she hadn't taken a vacation for over three years, and she felt completely burnt out. When I asked her why she'd gone so long without a break, she said she'd been super busy and never seemed to be able to fit it in. She also explained that in the office where she works, there's a sort of silent discouragement when it comes to taking time off. This made me a little sad and really got me thinking how many people are living that same scenario.

I've learned through my own experience that when it comes to things like rest, travel or anything else we long for, if we're not making the time, we're making excuses. In our culture here in America, there is a certain pressure overall not to take much time off. A sort of "vacation shaming" exists t...

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