Important Life Lessons Children Learn Through Sports

September 9, 2014 4:35 PM

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Important Life Lessons Children Learn Through Sports

My daughter has always been very active in extracurricular activities. From a very young age she enjoyed things like ice skating, tennis, softball and cheer. As she got older she added things to that list and lost interest in a few. The fact is she is very lucky to have the opportunity to try all these things out and as she gets bigger and more skilled can decide what her favorites are and where she wants to focus her attention. I'm happy that she's always been one to participate and although the cost of all of these activities may be pricey it has taught her some important things that will be useful long into adulthood.

2. Teamwork It takes everyone. She has spent many years on softball teams and cheer squads. She has seen first hand how an entire competition can be jeopardized if everyone isn't working together for the same end goal.

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