The Importance of Being Kind

September 26, 2014 2:49 PM

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The Importance of Being Kind

As I have mentioned before, I always find that the fall is a whirlwind of constant activity. From class coffees to weekend soccer, we seem to be racing at breakneck speeds to squeeze it all in. Sadly, amidst the chaos I often wonder if in my life kindness and grace get left by the wayside as I manage my stressful schedule. I too often feel frazzled and act insensitive to what is going on around me. Last week I was leaving the gym and a woman was walking directly ahead of me. She was texting on her phone and allowed the door to swiftly swing shut nearly knocking me over. She never once looked back to see if anyone was coming out the door behind her. It made me wonder how I often I have been "multi-tasking" and neglected to notice the person behind me. Then this week I was zipping along the Post Road when the person in front of me turned right onto a side road without using their turn signal. I silently cursed their thoughtlessness -- smugly noting to myself that there were so many bad drivers on the road these days. It was later that afternoon when I distractedly realized I was about to miss my turn that I hooked a sudden left and neglected to use my signal, probably causing the car behind me to swerve to avoid hitting my car. There I found myself again in the land of judgment and denial. I thought to myself, "Perhaps next time I won't be so quick to assume the person who doesn't use their turn signal is self-absorbed and inconsiderate. Maybe just distracted by a complicated life. "

These little moments caused me to pause and reflect. And maybe you too need time to take a breath. Do we all have our right foot pressed so firmly to the gas pedal that we are speeding along neglecting to see the little ways in which we are avoiding kindness and compassion? Are we taking the time to...

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