Immediately Responding To Work Email Is Destroying Your Health

December 1, 2014 1:52 PM

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Here's some sad news about clocking out late -- a new study shows that working overtime is linked with a more than doubled risk of depression. The research, just published in the journal PLoS ONE, shows that people who work 11 or more hours a day have an increased risk of depression compared with people who work just seven or eight hours a day. WebMD speculated that the long work hours might lead to investing less time and care into your family and self, as well as less time to get exercise or eat healthy foods. So be glad it's the weekend, and take advantage of your time to yourself! And when the work week rolls around, this study shows it might be in your best mental health interest to go home at a normal hour when you can.

If your idea of relaxation involves being a couch potato, you may want to think again. The weekend is a great time to get in some exercise (but make sure you're exercising all throughout the week too, as being a weekend warrior may put you at greater risk of injury!). Those of us who have jobs that ...

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