'Imitation Game' jumps around, but acting hits the mark

December 23, 2014 12:33 AM

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There's a tension at the heart of "The Imitation Game" that's never completely reconciled. On one side, we have the story of Alan Turing's work during World War II, of his breaking the Nazi's Enigma code, an achievement that none other than Winston Churchill said was key to winning the war. On the other side, there is the filmmakers' understandable desire to frame the movie as a personal story about Turing himself.

The code-breaking story has tremendous urgency. Britain is losing the war, and the one man with the prospect of breaking the code, Turing, is so strange and off-putting that he alienates everyone in power. In his first starring role in a major film, Benedict Cumberbatch brilliantly enacts a variatio...

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