What if The Interview Sucks?

December 23, 2014 1:08 PM

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Honestly, my first reaction to hearing the news that Sony was cancelling the release of its movie The Interview because of threats from North Korean hackers and blowback from theater chains was this: North Korea, you need to lighten up. Have you seen Seth Rogen and James Franco? Have you seen their movies? Do you really think they could be a danger to the North Korean military? One only needs to watch Pineapple Express to see that this is not a credible threat - unless you are worried about them stealing your weed.

Rogen and Franco are funny guys - and that's "funny ha-ha," not "funny weird." They are not intimidating in real life, and on film they don't cut much of a swath either. Rogen tried the action hero thing in The Green Hornet - a film without a sequel for a reason. The closest Franco has come to being...

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