'What If' Brings Flair And Fun To The Rom-Com Formula

August 8, 2014 12:12 AM

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'What If' Brings Flair And Fun To The Rom-Com Formula

Romantic comedies didn't always carry with them the air of immediate dismissal, that eye-rolling weariness born of dozens of interchangeable boy-meets-girl plots and posters featuring stars playfully leaning into or on one another. Romance at the movies wasn't always overfilled with cliches, stuffed with safe jokes heard a hundred times before. The rom-com can be a place for actual characters instead of cardboard theater-lobby displays, right? People you actually want to see get together for reasons other than the fact that that's what's supposed to happen in these movies?

What If doesn't ask "what if" that were true. It just answers with a confident "yes."

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