Idris Elba's Favorite Scene from "The Wire" is Probably What You'd Expect

September 20, 2014 10:25 PM

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Idris Elba did a Reddit AMA yesterday to promote his new movie No Good Deed and he talked about everything from The Wire to The Jungle Book to Nicolas Cage. OK, not everything—nobody asked about that whole mike wire thing. A fan did ask, though, what his favorite scene from The Wire is, and it's a pretty memorable one: when he (Stringer Bell) tells Avon he had D'Angelo killed.

"It was a very Shakespearean Scene. And Avon and Stringer end up on the floor. It's actually the scene that sealed Stringer Bell's fate, although he didn't know it. I remember Wood and I, we sat in a trailer - and discussed what we were going to do pretty much all day. And ended up going in on set. ...

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