Idle Hands Eat the Devil’s Food

March 3, 2015 11:00 AM

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You might think really busy people never struggle with boredom – but it is so often the case that they struggle with it the most of all. When our lives are moving 200 mph all the time, the breaks in action can feel really uncomfortable. It’s that calm before the next storm where we say, “Hey, I finished a bunch of things, now what do I do?!” We end up looking for ways to stimulate ourselves to fill that uncomfortable gap. One way to do that quickly? Have a snack. Boredom eating can account for a lot of unnecessary calories. Check out these strategies for how to avoid filling those breathing spaces in life with food.

To-do list. Sometimes at work we're so focused on the most pressing tasks that we never get to tasks that are not pressing, such as tidying up your workspace, planning a lunch with a colleague, replenishing supplies, cleaning out old emails, etc. Make a to-do list of non-pressing tasks that you can ...

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