Hungry Bats Play Dirty to Capture Prey by Jamming Sonar Signals

November 7, 2014 12:21 PM

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Bats soar through the skies as they hunt for tasty insects to satiate their nightly hunger. Yet these bats aren't alone; they have to compete with other bat species in order to track down and eat their favored prey. Now, scientists have found that Mexican free-tailed bats play dirty when it comes to finding a meal; they jam the sonar of competitors in order to gain an advantage.

Bats use echolocation, or biological sonar, in order to find and track prey in almost complete darkness. The sound of this echolocation changes when a bat goes in for the kill, which is when Mexican free-tailed bats make their move. That's when they "jam" a competitor's call in order to prevent it f...

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