The Hunger Games of Violin at Carnegie Hall: The Story of a Juilliard Violinist Concertmaster's Broken Bow

February 10, 2015 10:23 PM

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In any competition there is only one underlying mantra: Winning. We saw this beautifully played out at Carnegie Recital Hall (Weill Hall) last January 11th during the final round of the Violin Competition, called "Getting to Carnegie", in which four top violinists from the best conservatories in the world went on stage. Unlike other classical music competitions, there was no jury. Instead, it was up to the audience to decide the winner.

To apply for the competition, the violinists submitted the YouTube links of their best work to the contest organizer. Four finalists were chosen online as violinists from around the globe uploaded their best work on YouTube. The netizens selected the best from them by evaluating their two video reco...

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