'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I' Premiere Red Carpet Is An Ironic Exercise

November 18, 2014 2:02 AM

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I apologize for not actually embedding the video in question, but Yahoo Yahoo does not embed terribly well with the publishing format. If you actually want to watch the Red Carpet Show that began at 6:00pm PST go HERE for a live stream. I won’t be watching per-se, as frankly it’s dinner time in this house. If you’ve seen read The Hunger Games books or seen the movies, you know that they are above all-else a brutal critique of how the proverbial 1% uses mass entertainment to distract the oppressed 99% from the real problems in their lives and/or the real culprit of their own misery and/or suffering. I went to the premiere of Catching Fire last year, having missed the earlier press screenings due to unrelated commitments, and we got to watch the “Red Carpet Event” as it happened live outside of our theater before the film started. I can only presume that what occurs tonight will be similar to what we witnessed last year, and I imagine that anyone seeing Mockingjay part I tonight will see a simulcast of the event just as press nationwide apparently saw last year’s festivities as they were happening outside of our theater as well. I can vouch for last year’s premiere festivities that it was an exercise in jaw-dropping irony and seeming conflicting messaging.

The films, specifically the first two entries more so than the third, are filled with moments where characters use the language of mass media and infotainment to control the narrative to their favor, be it the Hunger Games contestants creating crowd-pleasing narratives to curry favor with the audien...

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