The Hundred-Foot Journey Producer Juliet Blake Talks Strong Female Characters, Cultural Difference, and Cuisine

August 6, 2014 6:54 PM

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I'd like to think that it's empowering. You see all the characters change during the movie. We know that Helen Mirren's character, who had lost her husband, has kept this restaurant open for 30 years. She also won a Michelin star a long time ago when her husband was alive. When you meet her in the beginning of the film, she's a very strong character but you don't realize that she has this warmth. She seems to be quite a lonely person who is running this restaurant, but you don't feel like she has a life. And as her arc continues, you realize that there's a real heart - and she won't allow bad things to happen in her village without actually taking a stand and changing things.

With the character of Marguerite - she's not a pushover either. What I love about that character is that even though it's a romantic role and Charlotte Le Bon plays it so beautifully, Steven Knight has written it so well and Lasse has obviously directed it well, so she's a feisty character. She's a ...

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