The Human Element: Dr. Lori Shocket at the Museum of Tolerance

April 22, 2015 7:59 PM

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One thing art does better than language is to express paradox. Apparent contradiction and impossible simultaneity can possess forms that co-exist in visual art in a way they cannot in language. Art can take darkness, and make it real, while also communicating equally real hope and joy in the same image. Art can invite the past and the future onto the same plane, into the same present moment, thus allowing us to see all things as one, to collect and give shape to the nuances of living history.

The specific genre of collage is particularly well suited to this iteration of art's task, which has partly to do with the perceptual and psychological processes for which we use the term collage as an analogy. But it also deals directly with art history, as the genre of collage itself was invented ...

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