Hubble spots Dwarf Galaxy neighboring Milky Way

December 24, 2014 6:48 PM

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Hubble spots Dwarf Galaxy neighboring Milky Way

The Hubble spacecraft successfully spotted something that could lead to a lot of future breakthroughs in the space community. A team of Russian researchers were able to locate and photograph a dwarf galaxy called KKs3. KKs3 is located roughly 7 million light-years away from us, however, is particularly unique because of the smallness of the distant galaxy. The Advanced Camera for Survey’s or the ACS was used to photograph the galaxy, and pinpoint its existence down to a rough-estimation of distance between Earth, and KKs3.

In addition to being curious how many of these dwarf galaxies exist around the universe, or even those that are close enough to be identified, the galaxy lacks some of the features that many associate with dwarf galaxies to this point. Researchers did point out that the galaxy appears to be entirely...

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