Hubble Discovers Mysterious Ancient and Dusty Galaxy

March 3, 2015 5:52 AM

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One of the oldest known galaxies, Galaxy A1689-zD1, proves dust as an integral part of the universe. Recently, The Hubble Telescope captured images that reveal a large amount of dust present on a distant galaxy. The major cosmic discovery indicates that ordinary galaxies were packed with heavier elements earlier than all previous assumptions. The dust particles are composed of carbon, silicon, iron, magnesium and oxygen. The findings also suggest that galaxies started forming stars around 560 years after the Big Bang.

Galaxy A1689-zD1 is an ancient galaxy and is so far from Earth that astronomers see the family of stars as it existed in the earliest days of galactic formation in the universe. Most galaxies from this ancient age show little star formation, but the process is highly-active in this dusty grouping.

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