Horses | Peter Himmelman

September 2, 2014 9:53 PM

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Horses | Peter Himmelman

Last night, Migdalia, a beautiful Puerto Rican hooker was soliciting blowjobs on my stoop. This morning I see beard stubble coming up from under her makeup as she pisses -- upright, in the tiny entryway of my Hell's Kitchen apartment. I climb the stairs and unlock the deadbolts. There is sunlight glinting off what appear to be diamonds on the floor, hundreds of them. I soon realize they're just bits of glass. Some asshole shot out my window again last night.

After a while, a car honks out in the street and I head downstairs. It's a gold stretch and my friend Wess is sitting in back in torn Levis, his pasty knees poking through the holes. Today we're going to the Caesars Atlantic City to meet with Jimmy Valenti. His nephew Vincent, a DJ at a club in Nort...

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