When Hope IS a Strategy | Carol Bysiek

December 31, 2014 8:26 PM

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When I woke up today, I picked up my gratitude journal and thought... what exactly do I feel grateful for? Honestly, I didn't feel great, or positive, or happy. And despite the hard work I've done and courageous decisions I've made to build my life on my terms, it wasn't there this morning. So I did a "truth check" and asked myself what, then, are you feeling? Is there gratitude, and if so for what? No sugar coating, no trying to be positive if it's not really what's going on.

What came to the surface was this. I am grateful that I haven't given up. Despite all the loss of the last few years, the seemingly endless string of mountains to climb, and boatloads of doubt and uncertainty. I have not given up. Faith and hope are still alive, and so am I. That was enough for me t...

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