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December 23, 2014 5:23 PM

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A few years ago, I had the idea of wriiting a book for widows, and I decided that it would even be a better idea if I interviewed widows. Although my husband died in 2007, I was still curious to know how other widows coped with grief. My co-author, psychologist James Windell, and I communicated with widows from a range of backgrounds. Some widows have doctoral degress and some never finished high school. Some own multiple homes and some are living on their relative's sofa. Some have adult children and some were never pregnant. There are widows in their 70s who never dated anyone other than their husband and widows who are under 30 who are already dating again. I wondered about their challenges. I could guess what they were, but I still wanted to know the things they aren't apt to share with their family or even their closet friends. Nearly every widow said they continued each day with hope that things would get better, and hope that they would discover meaning in their tragedy.

Last week, I received one of those late night phone calls that causes panic even before you answer because you know that this person wouldn't be calling you at this time of night unless there is some type of emergency. So I answered the call with a lump in my throat and a very weak, "Hello." She beg...

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