To Hope Again: A Picture of the Process

October 22, 2014 7:56 PM

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To Hope Again: A Picture of the Process

In the last article I wrote, I started a conversation highlighting the importance of recognizing a person's need to envision possibility when moving towards growth. There is an unseen nature about the ability to hope that draws us out of the physical and circumstantial realities, into that which we do not see but can believe. If one relies heavily on what is seen, then the ability to hope may prove impossible as it requires looking beyond the present reality to a possibility of building something that has not yet been made concrete. This writing is intended to encourage an understanding of how vital it is to regard a person's ability to believe and move towards possibility. It is important to bring to awareness just the features that seem to point out the direction of how these possibilities appear to arrange themselves in an order that is consistent with growth and development. It will also provide an understanding for where one may have lost the ability to create, based on how the possibility for their life was either frustrated, confused or dismissed.

All of this may seem like a vague abstraction, which is why it is important for me to use a metaphor to create a context. So before we go through each stage to point out the critical pieces of seeing possibility and actualizing, here is a picture I developed to guide our interpretation.

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