Hooray! Great White Sharks Are More Plentiful Than We Thought

June 28, 2014 1:19 AM

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An estimated 2,400 great white sharks are believed to be living along the California coastline, a recent study has shown. While this may be alarming to anyone looking to beach it up this summer, it’s good news for the sharks. Prior to this survey, activists worried that the numbers for the Pacific northwest great white were possibly at endangered levels. With the data collected, it turns out the species is not only safe, but appears to be thriving. These numbers convince some that the species have no need for protected status, but activists disagree.

Oceana representatives say it is very hard to track shark numbers. Their species travels long distances, requires great amounts of food, and doesn't surface to breathe. Without the means of counting them in the open air, one would have to willingly enter an ocean filled with one of the most dangerou...

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