Homeland season finale recap: 'Long Time Coming'

December 22, 2014 9:10 AM

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Homeland season finale recap: 'Long Time Coming'

Not with a bang, but with a betrayal: That's how Homeland saw fit to end the run that saw this show rediscover and reinvent itself. Gone was the plodding, bloated drama; in its place, a sleek spy thriller that seemed determined to keep its audience guessing. This fourth season has seemed at many times like a defiant, even sassy Take That to Homeland's oft-criticized shortcomings in previous years—from the elimination of the entire Brody family from the cast, to the unceremonious killing-off of Carrie's asset paramour with half the season still to go—but this might be its crowning glory: a season finale that spared us the shocking deaths or fiery explosions we'd come to anticipate over the past few weeks.

"Long Time Coming" was dedicated to James Rebhorn, the actor who played Carrie's father, and it's her father's memory that forms the backbone of this season's final episode. We open with Carrie and her sister looking through the remnants of their father's time on earth: an array of shoes, a drawer f...

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