‘Homeland’ back on solid ground

October 3, 2014 5:33 PM

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‘Homeland’ back on solid ground

For many of us who fell in love with “Homeland” and its perfectly calculated ambiguities when it premiered in 2011, the deterioration of the show in seasons two and three was a bitter pill. The more the writers romanticized Carrie’s affair with Brody, and the more the plot twists made no sense, the more betrayed we felt. On Sunday nights, as the show took ever sillier turns, we put on our Dana scowlfaces, too numb with disappointment for our Carrie cryfaces.

It’s no fun when a great show gradually peters out after a few seasons, gliding, for example, from the early years of “The X-Files” to the somewhat ignominious final third. But it’s more acutely annoying when a great show goes bust immediately after only a season or two, as if the writers and produc...

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