Home Fix: How to keep sump pumps quiet

April 6, 2015 12:32 PM

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Q: I thought your readers might be interested in a recent project that really improved our living conditions. Before doing this upgrade you could always hear the sump pump turn on. The pipes vibrated against the floor joists because they were attached directly to the joists followed by a loud clucking sound at the end of the cycle when the check valve slammed shut. After the upgrade you can't hear a thing. It is an incredible transformation in the house. So incredible that I'm now looking for a water sensor to tell me if and when a sump pump or float switch on the sump pump fails to operate. The last time a sump pump failed, I had nearly 18,000 gallons of water under the house. I had to drop a portable pump through one of the exterior vent openings to pump the water out of the crawl space. I also installed a 6-mil vapor barrier and nearly 60 tons of pea gravel that my family and I shoveled through the crawl vent opening and lay over the vapor barrier. We hand-dug and installed a 4-inch drain tile that makes it way to one of two sump pumps under the house. This is how we spent weekends for nearly two and half years. Nevertheless I wanted to share with you the Campbell silent check valve idea just in case one of your readers should hit you up with the same issue we recently solved with the noisy sump pump dilemma.

A: Thanks Mike. I'm always researching new ways to solve old problems and yours is one of many good ideas I have received over the years. A lot of a homeowners' sump pump noise problems can be solved just by isolating the pump's drain pipes from the floor joists, but you can still hear that hard kno...

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