When Hollywood Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

January 17, 2015 5:20 AM

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With Fifty Shades of Grey soon to hit theaters, Hollywood returns to the minefield of sexuality on-screen. The film walked a delicate balancing act. How could it pack enough of the original wallop from the book and not get slapped with the dreaded NC-17 rating? Well, they had to tread lightly and, a curious side light to their watering down of the book is the reason the MPAA gave for its rating. Last week, the MPAA announced that the film was rated R due to strong sexual content, including graphic dialogue, unusual behavior and graphic nudity. The producer of Fifty Shades recently questioned the unusual behavior part.

When you go to see Fifty Shades, have a look at the billboard of what is playing. More than likely, it will be dominated by overlong superhero films with excessive violence. So, it begs the question, which is more detrimental to our society?

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