Hollywood Is Really Bad At Giving Women Roles, According To Obvious Math

February 11, 2015 1:02 AM

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When it comes to leading roles for women in the film industry, it appears that the number has gone down. At least, that’s what statistical data from an annual report released by San Diego State University confirms. According to the findings, a mere 12 percent of films released in 2014 would focus on a female protagonist - a number that’s down three percent from the 2013 number. Is this the sign of a trend of diminishing film roles for women? Or are there other variables that are keeping Y chromosomes predominantly present at the box-office?

You’ll probably find very little argument against the idea that Hollywood is in a state of "arrested development" as far as its overall focus and the aesthetics on which it fixates. Playing to the report's argument, leading roles for women tend to mostly evoke thoughts of deadly, buxom, emasculating...

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