History made as 90,000 earthlings send messages to Mars

November 29, 2014 6:15 PM

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History made as 90,000 earthlings send messages to Mars

There’s really a more productive way to spend Black Friday instead of going berserk and storming the stores. A really huge crowd of 90,000 people capable of invading every bigger mall during the yesterday’s run-and-buy frenzy, has made history sending greetings to our reddish neighboring planet. “Today uwingu.com sent almost 90,000 messages to Mars—first time people’s names & messages sent to Mars by radio!” the Uwingu company which crowd funds space projects, said on Twitter. It was a global shout-out event to mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Mariner 4 – the first mission to Mars.

Mariner 4 was launched on Nov. 28, 1964 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The spacecraft performed the first successful flyby of Mars. It returned 22 images of the planet’s surface. Mariner 4 remained in solar orbit until contact was lost on Dec. 21, 1967 and is now derelict in an exterior heliocentric ...

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