How Hiking to the Bridge to Nowhere Connected me to my Late Grandfather

November 10, 2014 11:22 PM

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I woke up in the darkness starting All Souls' Day, after all the ghoulish party animals retreated to their homes in the city of angels. I filled up the tank and picked up some gas station coffee on the way to Azusa, California, where a sizable group gathered as a slight drizzle came down from a mysteriously grey sky. Together, led by Bungee America, we waded through slow-rushing creeks surrounded by yucca plants, young and dead.

I grew up on Guam, where we used to go navigate the jungle with machetes for science class field trips. I don't like rocks and hills and definitely don't willingly go on a stair master at the gym -- I prefer floating like a seal in the water or doing slow-flow yoga. A friend from home who now lives ...

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