Hey, Netflix: Don’t Turn Daredevil Into Batman

March 10, 2015 4:53 PM

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Hey, Netflix: Don’t Turn Daredevil Into Batman

How do you write disappointing and formulaic in Braille? The first full trailer for Netflix's upcoming Daredevil series — based on the long-running, crime-fighting, blind Marvel Comics character of the same name — finally appeared today, and … hoo boy, I really hope it's not representative of the final product. There have been dozens upon dozens of great takes on the character since his 1964 debut, but this trailer ain't one of them. I'm maintaining cautious optimism, but I'm beginning to dread that the show might squander DD's uniqueness and turn him into a watered-down clone of Christopher Nolan–era Batman.

All the familiar grim-and-gritty urban-vigilante clichés are there. For visuals, we get glimpses of nighttime crime scenes, a plethora of overhead shots of an urban center, a scared woman being comforted by a stoic hero, and a masked man taking on impossible odds in an alleyway scuffle. The dialogue...

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