Herpes, the Love Bug

October 31, 2014 8:04 PM

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Herpes, the Love Bug

And though, admittedly, it has taken some time for me to fully appreciate her twisted sense of humor and how quickly I get "dinged" for my past -- whether it's having to go back to sleepaway camp to lead workshops as an adult when I loathed camp as a kid OR the fact that when I went back to said camp and was handed a dreaded microphone (as if I don't already know I sound like Fran Drescher), I made the mistake of joking out loud, "What next, a TV camera?" and, a week later, I had a camera in my face for a TV audition OR the fact that I'm known today at the Handel Group as the resident "love coach" and back in my single days, I was, without question, the lamest of lame daters.

OK. One more. How about the fact that when asked, as the resident love coach, about how/when I knew my husband was my man, I have no choice but to tell the truth and my herpes story.

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