Here We Go Again. From Fear to Love?

December 1, 2014 8:38 PM

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The Ferguson grand jury decision reminds me of how far away we have come from our essence. While we have experienced significant changes throughout history, perhaps we are currently in the greatest shift of all time, where not even a trace of fear remains in the human awareness. In the end, we will have to find comfort within ourselves that this wasn't a story of black or white, rich or poor, or differences over nationalities or languages. This tragedy, and feelings it continues to wake up in so many, is about our virtues, the quality of contentment in one's character.

Are we ready to finally allow virtues to trump color, gender, nationality, language and all the limited identities we hold? Or, do we consider them to be more important than the act of compassion, acceptance or respect for the lives of others? It is a question for all of us, not just the jurors.

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