Here is Taylor Swift's 'Welcome to New York'

October 20, 2014 9:24 PM

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So much for waiting until midnight: the new track off Taylor Swift’s 1989 has emerged early. Hence, “Welcome to New York,” Taylor Swift style. The first track off her album really goes for the ’80s vibe, with tons of synth. Somehow I imagine Swift posting Amy Arbus’ famous photo of Madonna on St. Marks to an inspiration board, and saying, that’s what I want to evoke. But she doesn’t quite nail it. “Welcome to New York” sounds like it came out of a pop music factory, with a beat that will be the perfect soundtrack for a Tri-State Ford dealership commercial.

“Walking through a crowd, the Village is a-glow…” Swift doesn’t specify which Village though. If “a-glow” is code for drunk, I’d go with East Village, but Swift’s romantic notion of New York begs me to think it’s the West.

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