Here's What Your Zip Code Says About You

November 3, 2014 2:05 PM

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Here's What Your Zip Code Says About You

Neighborhood-specific maps based on all manner of stereotypes are a thing now. (Have you met the bassist-for-hire, self-proclaimed amateur gynecologist living in Manhattan, or the part-time nanny, full-time daddy's girl living in San Fran?) But Esri, a mapping technology company, is attempting to put some science behind where people live. Esri has released a "ZIP Lookup" where people can plug in their zip code and find out such things as the population density, the age range and the median household income.

Pretty basic stuff, yes. The most interesting thing Esri calculates, however, are their own "Tapestry" classifications, a series of "68 unique segments based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics." The profiles are broken into two sections: "Lifemode groups," which are "markets that share...

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